And futhermore. Kim Rueben weighs in on the NetFlix/porn conversation:

Hi, I just read your site and figured I'd provide some context to the whole lack of porn on NetFlix.

The disappearance of Porn at NetFlix was probably related to some uproar caused by its presence for Reed Hastings, one of NetFlix' founders. Reed Hastings is head of the State Board of Education and there was some flack about the porn (Matier and Ross had a column about it) even though I've been told it wasn't more explicit than stuff available at Blockbuster.

Hastings is a really good guy and one of the best speakers I've heard. He's had a number of successful businesses in Silicon Valley and has turned his interest to California's education system being one of the main supporters of the California charter school movement and the initiative to lower the voting requirement for school bonds.

Interesting. Thanks, Kim.