Blast from the past. I just logged into and found a message from the girl I took to my senior prom (which, thankfully, she explained, since I wouldn't have known it from her name). I hadn't talked to her since that night. Embarrassingly, I was set up, because I was apparently unable to get a date for myself (i.e., unable to get the balls to ask someone in time). It didn't go well. I don't remember anything specific, but I don't think I was as gentlemanly as I should have been. I apologized in my reply back to her, explaining that I was young and dumb (in case that wasn't obvious). (Unfortunatley, her message was from May, which was since the last time I was there. So she probably thought I was blowing her off again. Not that she cares at this point, happy with her husband and kids in Omaha.)

In related observations, I'm surpised hasn't bought yet. I know they're on the prowl for companies, and it'd sure help if they could consolidate their databases.