Good article on the success of DVD rental service, NetFlix: "Now Webvan and Kozmo are long-gone. But, thanks to a low-key approach, the sudden popularity of DVDs in the holiday rush and old-fashioned business principles such as customer loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing, NetFlix is emerging as a star amid the dot-com shakeout." <via nextdraft>

I recently joined NetFlix for the first time and have been digging the service. I was surprised how much it is not a pain in the butt. The web site and return envelopes are nicely done. And being in San Francisco, it's especially cool, because they ship from San Jose, and it only takes a day. In fact, it might be the killer app for DVD players, as I wasn't even thinking seriously of getting one that wasn't on my computer until I joined NetFlix, and now I am. (Although it's kinda fun to try multitasking.)

By the way, I don't know if anyone's done this, but being the NetFlix of porn seems a pretty sure-fire business plan. NetFlix seems to be taking the high-road, only carrying Blockbuster-type fair. But many mom-and-pop video shops have been hanging on for years in the wake of Blockbuster, largely due to the extra profits that little section surrounded by the curtain brings in. I'm just sayin'.

Feedback: According to Matt, the lack of porn on NetFlix is a recent thing. And Jim writes in with a couple tips: PornPounder is exactly what I was talking about. (Man, what a horrible name.) And NumberSlate is another NetFlix imitator that's not adult-focused, but is adult-friendly, if you know what I mean.