Here's to an interesting year. So here we are, at the eve of 2001. So many things happened for me—for most of us—this year, both good and bad. Actually, for me, most of them you might call, um, bad, come to think of it. But I prefer to just call it all interesting. In fact, it was probably my most interesting year yet. And I think back on it rather positively, for some reason—perhaps because I've grown a lot and am looking forward to the future. I'd like to do some sort of Evhead retrospective, but at the moment I have to work on recovering from one of the latest interesting things (besides, we still have another 15 hours for things to happen). Here's to a great 2002. As they say, may we live in interesting times*. And as I say, may we strive to make our lives interesting—and grow from the experiences. Cheers!

* Yes, that was originally a curse, but who wants to live in un-interesting times?