Pictureless. A strange thing happened on the way to Des Moines. When I got there, the SmartMedia card in my camera was bad, or so it seemed. My camera couldn't read it, so it presented the formatting option, but that didn't work either. Oddly, the extra card I was carrying in my bag did the exact same thing. I had used my camera during my layover in St Louis, so the only thing I could figure was that some new-fangled x-ray security device, which I went through in the St. Louis airport (after I used my camera) may have screwed up the cards—or the camera. Just now I tried an older card I had here at home, and it worked. Then I put back in one of the cards that was screwed up, and it worked too. So maybe it was the camera after all, but who knows how or why. Wacky. As a result, I didn't take a single picture (except with my mom's analog camera) during my entire vacation, which I'm sure is a major disappointment to Evhead readers who were looking forward to the glorious Iowa and Nebraska scenery. Sorry.