ReadyMade is ready. I've told several people about this magazine, ReadyMade, which I call Martha Stewart for hipsters and they call "Instructions for life", since Caterina introduced me to her friend Shoshana, who is the founder, last year sometime, and those people (whom I told) found it intriguing, but I couldn't remember the name, nor did I know if it was still an ongoing enterprise, but, alas, The New York Times says it is. So, if you're one of those people, there it is. Go subscribe, or at least get the trial issue—not only because it's quirky, and arty, and stylish, and DIY-ey, but because it's a print magazine started in a bootstrapping, entrepreneurial way, which you've got to admire and want to support. Also because Shana uses the term, "customize your environment," which I love. And, besides, even if you don't do any of the projects, at least this will get you to think about your environment more, which you probably don't do enough of, cuz it's important and overlooked as a component of a joyful life.