We're AT&T, and you will obey. This SF Chronicle article, Communal Broadbrand [I think they mean broadband] talks about people sharing their Internet connections with neighbors and how AT&T feels about it: "We view it the same way as cable theft . . . and that's against a variety of state and federal laws," said a spokesperson. The article reports, "The cable company even conducts flyovers in selected areas twice a year looking for any unauthorized 'leakages' of cable TV and broadband signals, he said. When found, AT&T said it simply disconnects the customer." Nice. As opposed to: "Dave Solomon, systems administrator at an East Bay Internet service provider, Idiom.com, said his company doesn't mind customers sharing connections. 'The angle most smaller ISPs will take is that this will make our customers happier, and happy customers are what we're looking for,' he said." An interesting example of how a (still—and eternally) monopoly-minded company approaches a market, versus a customer-focused one.