I'm thinking about starting an Evhead feature in which I post some of the idiotic and/or amusing email I get. No, not the email from you. From other people. The dumb ones. I normally don't post email without permission, of course. But perhaps if it's really dumb, and the identity is hidden, it's okay? Then again, since most of it would be Blogger-related mail, it might look like I'm making fun of Blogger users, which, of course, would be bad. Because I love them all equally. And stuff. Maybe I could do it under a different blog. A non-de plume blog. Then again, the Blogger-relatedness might tip people off. Lots of them are about suing. People are obsessed with suing, I tell you what. And when they talk about suing, they try to write like they're a lawyer (and, of course, call it "legal action"). And they're so clearly not.