Beta stuff.

Jason coded up an awesome new feature for The End of Free. We often get emails from people letting us know about things to post there. Now people can post themselves and get credit. This is done by using the Blogger API for the posting form, a new (released) Blogger Pro feature, and another not-yet-released Blogger Pro feature. The not-yet-released Blogger Pro feature is something I call "Open Posting," which let's you mark a blog to accept posts from people who haven't been formally invited to join the blog. Normally, even through the API, you'd have to be a member of the blog to post. Open Posting says anyone can post (Blogger acount required). These posts then could be published automatically, but in this case we send them to Blogger marked as Drafts (the released Pro feature) so they don't get published (even if one of the blog editors posts something in the meantime) until we've looked them over. Technically, they're not drafts, so a moderation feature would be more appropriate here, but that's not built yet, so this works pretty well.