Did I mention I dig this file-upload feature?

So, Blogger Pro has this new file-upload feature, which, just as Blogger made it too easy not to publish text to your web site that you wouldn't have bothered with before, lets you upload graphics and other files to your web server (and then write about them) that you wouldn't have bothered with before. Case in point: Here is what my XP start menu looks like. It used to show my picture up there next to my username. I'm not sure why it doesn't anymore. The six icons on the bottom on the left are supposedly chosen based on frequency of use. I would think they would change more often, though, based on what hat I'm wearing, and I sort of wish they would. For example, I've been a bit more CEO than programmer lately, so Excel might should be in there instead of Visual SlickEdit. But they seem to have locked pretty much in place based on early usage. Also, note there is no Recent Documents menu, like in Win2000, that links to your recently opened files. That is one of the handiest damn things. I don't know why it's not here anymore. And I can't even find an option to turn it on (since found, thanks). Also annoying: You can't see this in the screenshot, but between XP beta and final, they took out the code that hides icons you haven't used in a while in your program list. I'm sure this was because it confused too many people (Oh my god! Where'd all my software go?!) But it'd be nice to be able to turn that on, as well, which I haven't found out how to do. It's pretty though, don't you think? Here, I've chosen the "Silver" color scheme instead of the default blue you may be used to.