Mr. Head says.

Survey: Most HP workers oppose merger: "A survey commissioned by David W. Packard finds that Hewlett-Packard employees in the Corvallis, Ore., area oppose the Compaq Computer merger by a two-to-one margin." This reminded me I used to work with folks at HP in Corvallis a few years ago on a contracting gig. Spent a bit of time up there. Quiet little town. Lovely people. The only weird thing was, this one guy, who took over the project I was working on somehow got the impression my name was Evan Head. I suppose it was because I used my email address at the time. It was a bit awkward, to be sure. I kept thinking he'd figure it out from the full name that is usually displayed in emails (but they used Lotus Notes, so it was maybe showing up funny). I also tried to make sure I included a signature in my messages that included my full name. I'm not sure if he eventually figured it out or the project just completed before he had to. I was too embarrassed to correct him. Thank goodness he wasn't writing the checks.