Blog API.

Dave proposes the MetaWeblog API. It looks good. The idea of using a struct for the post in order to provide room for other fields (like a title) is exactly what I was thinking about doing with the Blogger API. Right now, the Blogger API doesn't work great for Pro blogs that use the optional title field. But I didn't want to just add a title field to the newPost and editPost methods. That would be easy to do, but there are potentially lots of new fields in the future (and different tools already have different fields). By using a struct, the parameters for the API methods don't have to change—as Dave says, "The server must ignore all elements that it doesn't understand." I have some other thoughts I need to write up. For example, I was thinking about using a sctuct for authentication elements, as well. We have a thing in the Blogger API called an appKey, which is required for all calls. Other systems don't use this (as far as I know). Also, every method requires a username and password. In our old (non-public, non-XML-RPC) API we instead authenticated with the username/password once and passed back a session key for subsequent calls. This was more efficient and a bit more secure. It would be nice to have that option. So if we just had an authentication struct instead of the username/password/appkey fields, we could provide different authentication mechanisms with the same methods. All this means some breakage will occur (actually, we'll keep the old version up and running as well). I will write up all the changes I'm thinking about and commence the development soon.