Last August, when I moved out of the old Pyra offices, I had a moving sale, which was pretty hectic. You may have stopped by. I think it's been since then that I last saw my business cards. Listen, if I unthinkingly sold them to you in a rush of garage-sale madness (not to imply that you, or anybody, would want to buy them) or, perhaps, you found them stuffed in something you purchased (since it was very messy there), let me know. For a long time, I never left my apartment, so I didn't really notice. But lately it's been kind of annoying not having them (ya know, bars and stuff), and in two days I'm going to a(nother) conference, which is, of course, the type of thing your company figures cards are worth printing for (so you can meet girls and not be a depressed loser, since that's no good for anyone's productivity). So yeah, lemme know.