Spam from NetFlix?

I appears that I just got spammed by NetFlix. The email was to contact AT, an address I certainly have never entered into anything and which has been sucked many times by spambots from the Pyra home page (yes, I finally made it so they wouldn't do that). It's hard to believe NetFlix would do this, but I think I know what happened: They have an affiliate program. It's surely someone trying to make money off NetFlix and in the process tainted their name. (You're going to attract some of those when you advertise, "Referrals Bring You Big Bucks!") Ugh.

Speaking of NetFlix, I was noticing I hadn't seen any DVDs for several weeks. Turns out, I had run out of selections in my queue, so they were just hanging out waiting for me to tell them what to send me (and, of course, charging my credit card). Oops! My fault, based on how their system works. But It would be cool if they sent an email to tell when that happens. Since they're sitting there making money for doing nothing, it's easy to see why they don't. But my feeling about NetFlix would be much better right now if they would have.