Well, I'm back home from SXSW. I took an extra day yesterday to drive up to Dallas and back with my sister who lives in Austin because our sister who lives in Dallas had a baby on Saturday. So we saw the new little munchkin and my sister and her other one, my two-year-old (adorable, I might add) niece, and my mom. And so on. It was worthwhile, but rather exhausting after several days of Austin fun and little sleep. All in all, the trip was tremendous fun and inspiration and great connections with cool people—combined, for me, with a strong underlying current of stress and anxiety. Blogger was crapping out left and right, and I felt horrible about it and not able to do much. Thankfully, Jason was looking after things or it would have been even worse, but it wasn't pretty. My thinking ahead and implementing a bunch of server changes to make things work better so it would have less chance of acting up while I was gone backfired, because I didn't have time to work out all the kinks of the architectural changes. (Really folks, it's going to be better soon.) Oy. I'm just too damn optimistic. One day I will hire myself a system administrator, and everyone will be happier. Until then, I'm never leaving town again.

I haven't but glanced at my mail in several days, and I'm a little afraid to. It doesn't help that my Outlook is still broken, so it's slow and painful to deal with. Overwhelmed? A little, but also highly motivated to kick ass.

Anyway, other than that, it was the best SXSW ever. Thanks to everyone who I had a chance to meet and talk to. As always, there were just too many people I wanted to hang out with and not enough time. Now who's posting the good gossip and pictures (I took hardly any)?

I need sleep. G'night.