Time to learn something new?

inessential.com: "Tonight I'm going to school for the first time in over ten years." That reminds me: I've been thinking about taking a class, as well. It would also be the first time I've sat in a classroom in over ten years. I want to learn how to draw. I'm not sure, but I think I was inspired to this by David Byrne the other night. He was showing some sketches he'd done while designing the stage sets for Stop Making Sense. They were great. And I'm thinking: Wow, what a powerful tool to have in your bag of tricks when it comes to communicating ideas or even just thinking through ideas. (Not to mention, a creative outlet that doesn't involve sitting in front of the computer. And, also, I want to paint, and I think drawing is handy if you want to paint.) I used to be an okay drawer in school. I was no Stephen Olson (by best friend in elementary school), but I was known as a second-to-top-notch little sketcher. Now, I can type real fast, but I can't sketch my way out of a paper bag. Or a paper bag, for that matter. That would be neato. Also, I'd like to learn Portuguese.