Vegas Bachelor Party.

I have a very long to-do list today. I do every day, of course, but today I really need to get a lot of it done, because I'm going to Vegas tomorrow—for a bachelor party, of all things. (What better reason could there be?) Long-time readers (and close acquaintances) may remember my friend Greg, whom I once, years ago, but up a retrospective of with his girlfriend Anju. (I would link to it, but all my photos are still on the former Evhead server, which I can't reach at the moment.) They started dating (and I hung out with them a lot) right after I got my first digital camera, and I kinda drove them nuts with documentation of their lives. (But now they're glad, because it's good for the wedding site, soon to come.) Anyway, it should be fun. A bunch of Nebraska boys in Vegas. You can't beat that. I'll take pictures. Hopefully some of them will be publishable. Probably no posting until I get back. Now I gotta get shit done. (BTW, don't worry, I have people watching Blogger!)