Familiar names.

The blurb in WebMonkey's newsletter for their Weblog Tool Roundup tripped me out: "Is your name Lincoln? No? So sad, because 'Lincoln Blog' is a great name for a weblog. Though even if your name is Regina, you can still build yourself a 'Blog Cabin' or a 'Blog Ride,' just as long as you've got the right equipment. Lucky you, everyone's favorite
Monkey, Josh Allen, is here to help you pick the blog tool for you. Is it Diaryland? Blogger? Movable Type? Greymatter? Radio? The answer is just a click away!" Why? Well, my brother's name is Lincoln. My sister's last name (via marriage) is Regina. I used to own the domain blogcabin.com (though, I must admit, it was Caterina's suggestion. And, well, I named Blogger. None of this probably interesting, but I didn't actually read the article, so I won't comment on that. Those Webmonkey kids have always been snooty about blogs, even though they've had one of their own forever. Maybe they're over it.