How cool are we?

I finally linked on Blogger to the Fortune Cool Company piece, so I suppose I will here, too. They're calling Pyra the "coolest media company" of 2002. I don't know that we're really that cool, but I'll be the last to deny it. I saw the print version today for the first time. There's an great big picture of me acting like I'm computing in my back yard (in my Jerry's retreat chair) on the table of contents. The article was written from an hour+ phone conversation where I told the whole story of the company, pared down to a few paragraphs, so of course it makes me cringe a bit. For example, my answer to the question, "Why did you stay around?" (when I was the last at the company) is sparse, at best. Misleading at sub-best. And despite what some may assume, I did talk about other members of my team—past and present—and never claimed that the blogging phenomenon==Blogger/Pyra. But the press tends to want to simplify things, you know. I can't help it. And, of course, I can't complain about the good fortune (oops). Too bad Mom doesn't read Fortune very often.