Like sounds through the hour glass and stuff.

Apparently there's some sort of big controversy about the Guardian Best British Blog competition. I haven't read what those opposed have to say about it. Perhaps they have some good points. But if the Guardian wants to bring more focus to blogging and give people some money and attention who do it well—based on the arbitrary opinions of a few people—than I don't really mind (and, it would seem, those who do don't have to participate). But I'm just a judge and not claiming to know a damn thing.

(On a personal note, may I just say it's very trippy to be listed beside Anita Roddick in any sort of list. When I read her business book (not this one, the other one, before that, seems to be not in print) eight years ago or whatever, which, by the way, was pretty influential for me—not sure how I would regard it today, but probably well—I wouldn't have guessed, had I expected to be on a list with her, which I didn't, that it'd be as a judge in a British weblog competition. Life. Wacky.)