Small worlds.

Speaking of networks, I'm slowly and sporadically finishing up Linked: The New Science of Networks, which I mentioned here a while back. Hopefully, I will get around to writing a review.

And did I ever tell you this story?: I bought Linked one day while I was enjoying driving a truck around town while listening to Christian rock to an actual physical big-chain bookstore. And while I was walking into my apartment with it in my hand, I decided to stop and get my mail, wherein, there was a copy of the same damn book, courtesy of the publisher.

I like those people over at Perseus Publishing. And not just because they send me books. Also, because they publish interesting books, like Small Pieces Loosely Joined, which, did I mention?: Thought-provoking as hell.

Then, last week, I got Nexus: Small Worlds and the Groundbreaking Science of Networks, which sounds like, but probably is not, the same damn book (as Linked) in the mail from the publisher (a different one). So now I have to learn yet more about networks. You see, as I said, small worlds.

And yes, this blogging thing is paying off in the library department.