Back on the job...sorta.

I'm working from my brother's office in Lincoln, Nebraska, today. It's cool to be on a fast connection and with a real computer. Actually, the computer is much better than mine at home. I didn't realize this, but my 600mhz desktop may be starting to show its age.

The weather is beautiful here. I missed the impossibly hot summer. And now it's like a late spring. Last night I was walking through a great old part of town with tons of trees and bushes and flowers around the cute old houses and it was incredibly quiet and the moon was almost full and the crickets were chirping their assess off. Lovely.

Not sure when I'm coming home. Not in a hurry. Especially if I can get work done here, which theoretically I am today. No, actually, I am for real. George Clinton and the P-Funk are playing downtown tomorrow night, so I'm trying to get tickets for that. I wouldn't normally, but I've always wanted to see them, and just the fact that it's the P-Funk in Lincoln, I must. I'm maybe going to get my dad and sister-in-law to go. They don't know who George Clinton is (or what "funk" is), but they'll find it interesting, I'm sure.