Trellix and Blogging, Part 2.

Dan Bricklin explains the plan for Trellix's long-awaiting blogging solution. It's not going to use Blogger, as planned a year+ ago, when we did a licensing deal with them. But that makes sense. Integration was always a concern. And a large part of what Blogger does, they don't need or already have (templating, file transfer...). We think this makes the most sense for both companies, especially since if Trellix was relying on our software, we would have an extra support responsibility we don't have the resources or interest in taking on right now. (We want to spend our time making Blogger work better for our users, not worrying about other environments and integration issues that are not in our direct control.)

The companies will maintain a continued, if limited, relationship going forward. Even though we're now undeniably competitors to a certain extent (which would have been the case either way—but the other way, we'd be competing with our own brand. Which would have been confusing.) More directly, we're competitors with Trellix's customers, and this will be more clear in a week or so when we make another announcement. But hey, it's a large web.

In summary, this is one more step in the direction we've anticipated for a long time—blogging is a fundamental piece of web publishing functionality that will be built into all kinds of web building and management tools. No one is going to own blogging any more than anyone owns web site creation today. Thus, we can also focus on the next level. Whatever that may be. (I've got some ideas.)