Where do we live again?

Yahoo weather says it's 72 degrees in San Francisco right now, but that's the thing with these microclimates. It's so wrong. In my neighborhood, it has to be at least 90. (Update: Now it says it's 88. It must be even hotter here.) I feel like a weather wuss saying this, but damn it's hot! We're not suppose to sweat in this town. Unless we're dancing. That's my motto. Okay, and excercising, perhaps. But I'm sitting here at my desk, sweating. I'm not even wearing pants (fortunately, no one else is working in my apartment today). Okay, I am wearing pants. But not for long. And I'm this close to crackin' open one of those cooling beverages in the fridge. It's Thursday, after all. What was I doing? Man, the heat! I'm getting loopy.