Wired News:

"'The area of weblogs isn't covered by our analysts because there is such a limited amount of data,' said Grace Kim of Neilsen//NetRatings. 'Right now it's not that popular, and there is no data.'" Hmmm...I wonder how they know it's not that popular, then?

Kind of a screwy article. Its attempt is to debunk claims of blogging's popularity, but it doesn't actually back that up very well. In addition to the brilliant statement above, it says, "A recent Newsweek article claimed that a half-million blogs populate the Net. But weblog software companies and industry experts say many new journals are authored by the same people who've abandoned older ones, just as AOL users stop using screen names they've outgrown." This is true, but the piece seems to assume that the 500,000 number is the total that have been created and therefore should be drastically reduced. Thing is, it already is. There have been at least 900,000 blogs (as opposed to users, many of which have several) created on Blogger alone, and almost 700,000 on LiveJournal. And that's just two services.

Nonetheless, it's very true that the vast majority of those are not kept up. Duh. It also doesn't matter. This is so obviously the very beginning.