Leila comments on my link to her friend David's foot photo gallery, wondering how I happened upon that page (also suggesting a donation to get more of David's photographs online, which wouldn't be a bad thing, from the looks of them). Which is funny, because, the way I happened upon David's page, was from Judith's 20things, via Maggie. And I got Leila's email right after returning from lunch with Hillary (alas, siteless, though the DSL is on the way!), where I mentioned stumbling upon and linking to David's page, because of his photos from Cole to Breakers, which she was at, I remembered, because I had dinner with her that day, and also she was wearing the shirt. And also, I saw her friend Jason in David's photos, whom is apparently friends with David, as well. (Bonus: I saw Jason a couple weeks ago, while brunching with Bryan and Maggie.)

All these people I know from different circles, you see. Um...except the one I don't know at all.

In other news, Jane doesn't like the word blogger, which is unfortunate, since she hears it a lot (and yes, it is trademarked, but not for that usage). And since I'm pointing to that, I should point to this, just to say: I am Fabio.

So that's that.

And now for something completely different...