The power of pictures.

Last night, after launching bSTATS, I posted about it both here and on the Blogger home page. This morning, I created a bSTATS tracker for bSTATS itself to see where the referrers were coming from. Going back to check later, I was surprised to see that Evhead was sending twice as many hits as Blogger. Obviously, Blogger gets many, many times more traffic. And, what's more, the traffic is more targeted. One explanation is that the description was much shorter on Evhead. I just said, "Look ma, I made something new." So everyone had to click. Much more important, though, it turns out, was that I included a graphic—the bSTATS [b]—in the Evhead post. I didn't do that on Blogger at first. Once I did, the referrers from Blogger quickly surpassed Evhead's. Perhaps not terribly surprising, but interesting to see the dramatic effect.