Dave asks (and answers), What is a News Aggregator?:

"A news aggregator is 'software that periodically reads a set of news sources, in one of several XML-based formats, finds the new bits, and displays them in reverse-chronological order on a single page.'" I was with you until the "single page" bit. I don't think that's a requirement for something to be a news aggregator. Not to nit-pick. I'm starting to get interested in this category of software, again, as well. We did something a long time ago, in conjunction with Moreover, called NewsBlogger, that combined a news-searching/surfing interface (via RSS feeds) with a blog-posting interface. It was pretty neat, but never made it past beta form (and then someone didn't renew the domain). Anyway, we have something in the works that should address that need again. Hopefully, we can get it working soon.