Arghin' Dell.

Several months back I bought a couple fancy new servers from Dell. Fancy server, to me, means they were Dells and not generic, and therefore a lot more money than I would have paid, but hey, they're leased, and it was all about cash-flow at the time. Anyway, when you pay a lot for something, you don't want that to mean you keep getting screwed. Yesterday, Rudy (our sys admin) went to put another drive in on of these machines. Something was screwy. I should apologize for sounding a little incredulous on the phone when he told me it looked like he had to get something special for a drive to fit in there. Today he wrote:

I just called Dell. The Poweredge, by the way, is a 1550. Their sales guy reports that in order to get a functioning scsi disc carrier for this system, a hard drive must be purchased from Dell. When asked what other customers think about this, the answer was "actually, this is good for customers because of our warranty". I don't usually use this acronym, but WTF?

WTF indeed. Does anyone else see the irony in Dell, of all companies, screwing customers with proprietary tactics?

Update: I'm told there are no standards for SCSI disc carriers. Ah, that may explain it. However, I've bought generic discs for other similar servers that just slid in with no problem. I don't really know much about it though, so I'll shut up now.