Marketers turn attention to blogs:

"...about a year ago, launched what's known in the on-line world as 'microads' -- small, unobtrusive ads that surfers have to click on. This isn't exactly a major money maker. Users of the service can place a microad on the Blogger home page for a minimum $10 (U.S.), which buys 12,500 impressions. Sites like Blogger finance themselves mostly through donations and selling upgraded services." Um, first of all, how the hell would you know how much of a money maker it is? Secondly, when was the last time we took donations? Almost two years ago. For about three weeks.

Also: "Avi Goldberg, an assistant marketing professor at the University of Toronto who has studied blogs, says they don't have enough mass market potential. 'There are companies trying now to exploit blogs, but the problem is there are a lot of people writing blogs, but not that many reading them. They represent less than 5 per cent of Web traffic.'" Wow, five percent of the web is a hell of a lot of traffic. Then again, I can't imagine how one could possibly come up with a reasonably sound guess.