Buyer's remorse?

"On its way, because someone was still drunk the next morning (not me): the Pasta Pro. About five minutes after an arduous ordering process, we saw the Better Pasta Pot, and kicked ourselves for being hasty. (Figuratively speaking.) Considered getting both to compare, but decided against it. Maybe once I'm an industrial designer I will design an Even Better Pasta Pot. Wouldn't that be something." Who knew there was such competition in the television-advertised pasta cookware market?

For the record, it was her idea.

After the fifth stilted, monotonely delivered upsale pitch, I told the lady I didn't want anything else, just the Pasta Pro (I know it's probably a loss-leader, but that's their problem), I was told company policy required her to tell me about all special offers. "That's unfortunate, because I'm going to hang up now." "Okay, let me process your order then." "Thank you."

Anyway, I don't care if it's not the Best Pasta Pot. I'm looking forward to some colander-free pasta-making goodness. After all, I got some pasta spoons for Christmas. Also, an olive oil sprayer. Also, we went to Pasta Pomodora yesterday. I think 2003 shall be The Year of Pasta (though, I'm not sure I'm ready for that much carb intake. Hmmm...)