All access.

A lot of people are wondering if the Blogger/Google thing will mean a disadvantage to any non-Blogger user in terms of getting their content indexed (in the regular index, or a blog-specific one, or whatever). We haven't talked about it. (I doubt it even occurred to anyone internally.) But I don't think it will. Before the Google thing even started happening, we were planning a blog directory that was going to be open to non-Blogger users. Of course, Blogger users would have been automatically included in such a directory, and others would have either had to go to some effort, or have software that did it for them, which we can't control. But it just makes sense, if you want to create the most value, to be comprehensive. This seems to have always been Google's approach, and, if anything, we ("we," being Blogger) have the ability to be more open than ever now, because we're not as concerned about protecting our position.