Blogger Sells Out,

some guy says. Dave, of course, agrees. Sigh. I hope I'm not that cynical when I'm older, just because I've been around the block a few times. I hope I'm not now. Just noticed the end of the post says, "This moment of sarcasm has been brought to you by the letter 'B'." Not sure if that was there before and I just missed it. Anyway, funny!(?) I wonder if Steve's being ironic and Dave's not. Or vice-versa?

Also? I'm no Ben nor a Jerry. Those guys had much harder jobs. And I don't like ice cream. And no, I'm not blogging!

Doc Searls responds to Steve MacLaughlin: "If Google fucks up Blogger, or screws over its users, they'll get plenty of well-deserved shit from all directions—including mine. But, as far as I know, Google hasn't done anything significant yet, stupid or otherwise. Until they do, what should our response to Ev and Google's silence be?"

And Steve responds to the response: "I'm an unashamed, unabashed believer in good old fashioned capitalism, and that in general 'big business' gets a bad wrap for everything that is wrong with the world." His entire piece was written in jest, apparently, and we all took it seriously. Funny.