Do not be alarmed

What happened was: We were at an amusement park on a mountain, and I went to do the alpine slide* a third time. The first one was fun, but I didn't go that fast. The second one, I kicked butt. The third time, I sensed that I couldn't really do any better, but I'd try. I didn't. It kicked my ass.

I fell off at the third or fourth big turn. I was going very fast. I slid along the track (which looked like concrete and was rumored to be asbestos, but I think was fiberglass) for a good distance. I scraped up my right shin, my left knee, both wrists, my left ear, and the side of my face before coming to a stop and jumping off the track, so I didn't get run over by Bryan's sister. I would have probably done the most damage to my arm, had I not been wearing a jacket I purchased about 15 minutes prior, which, though the shortest-lived clothing item I ever owned, was nonetheless a good purchase. The sleeve was, literally, melted, straight through.

Later, Bryan fell off twice—on the same run. He did not have a new jacket. And he was wearing shorts instead of jeans. He was in more pain later (and probably still).

Anyway, it didn't hurt that bad, and still doesn't. But every time I look in a mirror, I'm surprised by the big raspberry on the side of my face. (It's much darker than that picture shows.) It's pretty bold but no one has said anything about it since I got to New York. I wonder if it looks more like a disease or a birthmark than an injury.

* Yes, I realize that's a picture of a six-year-old doing the thing that I injured myself on. But seriously, you can go real fast!