Times2 Changed

The second-to-last time I was in New York (which was also the first—yeah, I don't get out much) was three years ago, August 2000. On that trip, I visited Rebecca Mead at The New Yorker.

I could be wrong, but I believe, at the time, The New Yorker offices were located at 1440 Broadway* (pre-Conde Nast's new building around the corner). Something like the 19th floor. Today, I'm at 1440 Broadway, on the 21st floor, in Google's office—working on the same stuff I was talking to Rebecca about three years ago.

I could not have predicted that.

* Now, after talking with Jeff Jarvis, I think I'm wrong. It was the other meeting I had that day, with Jeff, at CondeNet, that was in this building. But no sense ruining a good story with the facts.