Misunderstanding Micropayments - Scott McCloud

"Shirky?s 'epochal change' is real enough. Free content is here to stay, file-sharing is here to stay, and any attempt to completely wipe out either is doomed to failure (as it should be). But that in no way precludes the co-existence of markets based on the desires of willing sellers and willing buyers. To proclaim without a hint of doubt that such a market will never exist for low cost digital content contradicts everything we know about the Web?s inexhaustible capacity for variety and adaptation."

I have some thoughts on both sides of this argument...but not the capacity to write them now. But I thought pointing to this better-thought-out set of thoughts, though, yes, I'm slow at getting around to it, would be worthwhile. I love an intelligent debate about the future of media.

Oh, and about the end, I think I said something about "The End of Free," though that's not, exactly, what we meant. Though, Olivier is saying something there now that happens to be relevant.