Today on Labs: Google Deskbar -- Plus, BlogThis! from your task bar

A handy little app that puts a Google search bar in your task tray (like the ol' Dave's Quick Search, but a little different).

I've been using this tool for a while. Glad everyone else can now, too. It's especially useful in combination with the calculator and definitions.

Also, perhaps not immediately obvious, are the super-cool customized searches (under options). So you can hook it up to your intranet or whatever. By the way, they don't need to be searches. You can add a BlogThis! item using the following URL:{1}

{1} = the text you type into the search box. In this case, that'll be automatically sent to a BlogThis! form. I like to hook that to Ctrl+B. (It has some remnants that we need to clean up. Also, it works best if you uncheck "Display results in mini-viewer.") If you want to send it to a particular blog, just at &blogID=XXX to the URL.