The web has a ways to go

I live in San Francisco. I wanted to get some Thai food delivered to my apartment. I didn't have any menus handy, so I tried to use the web. I failed. In fact, not only did I fail, but I tried for half an hour and had a miserable time while doing it. I don't know where the breakdown is: Thai restaurants in San Francisco don't deliver (to my neighborhood*), the information isn't on the web, the mechanisms for finding the information aren't good, or I'm inept at using them. But it seems like a simple, possible thing that was not possible for simple enough for me to complete before giving up and settling for a veggie burger bought from the health food store across the street.

Unless it's the first option, which I doubt, the web has a ways to go.


* I actually placed an order online here, which I was delighted about until, after realizing I gave the wrong phone number, I called, and they then told me I'm too far away.

Feedback: A ways to go, my ass.