Have an extra margarita for me

On the plus side, it was reportedly much nicer weather in SF than Austin today. We played a lovely game of Scrabble in Dolores park. And also, I had forgotten my power adapter for my laptop, so I woulda been borrowing and/or out of juice the whole time*.

On the minus side, I'm not in Austin, though I should be. Our flight got cancelled. Our second flight -- after spending 45 minutes on the phone in order to get on it -- was delayed beyond connectability. And at that point, there was nothing else for the day. So, Biz and I are leaving at 6am tomorrow. Ouch.

It's okay, if I can fall asleep in 45 minutes, I'll be well-rested when I get up at 4:00.

* Oh wait: Joi says, "There is also a $90 fine for using any of the power outlets in the halls or in the session rooms." They're also banning photography. You have to be bleeping kidding me. (I wrote the conference organizer for some clarification, though I suspect he's pretty busy.) Here's a thread about it. Reportedly, it's not actually in the session rooms, just the hallway. That's a bit better. And it's because the conference gets charged a bunch of money by the convention center for it. Weird. But that doesn't explain the photo ban. That's lame.