Someone's been ordering weird things on my behalf

I just got one of those "your order's been shipped" messages from Amazon, which said:

The following items were included in this shipment:
Qty Item Price Shipped Subtotal
1 One Word Extinguisher $13.99 1 $13.99

1 What's Come Inside You $16.98 1 $16.98

1 Rounds $13.99 1 $13.99

Since I'd never heard of any of those things, I thought something was screwy. I checked to see if the message was really from Amazon, etc., then finally logged into my account and realized they were all CDs from bands I'd heard of (Four Tet, Freescha, and Prefuse 73, respectively), but I paid no attention to the names of the albums. Ha. (Don't let this happen to you...remember your CD names!)