Like Magic

Occasionally, I'm blown away by the advanced state of our world.

While sitting in the coffee shop this morning, doing some pre-commute email, a couple songs played on the sound system that I was grooving on and didn't recognize. It could go ask the people behind the counter, I thought. But since I have wi-fi on my lap, I'll just type the next lyric I hear into Google.

That revealed it was Michael Franti & Spearhead's Everyone Deserves Music.

A check of the iTunes store shows I can download the whole thing for $9.99 (40% cheaper than Amazon—not counting shipping—and without those annoying atoms). I do so and then synch my iPod, so I can listen to it on the freeway.

I groove out on the way to work with, and I'm happy.

By the way, typing this up reveals a big breakdown in Apple's model—you can't link to things in their store. I linked the album to Amazon, even though I bought it from Apple. I wonder if it would be worthwhile for them to create a web interface.

Update: Within minutes, as per usual, I am corrected! Kevin writes in with this link to the aforementioned album. Sez he: "When in the Apple music store, right-click on any link and you'll get the option to copy it as an http link." Nice.