Movers and Shakers

Among Alexa's Top 10 Moving Up sites for the week (which is a list of those sites that have jumped most significantly in audience reach -- at least audience that has the Alexa toolbar installed), five of them are blogs: Wizbang (#1), Backcountry Conservative (#2), Oliver Willis (#5), Six Log(#9), and PVRblog (#10). This is over the entire web of sites.

This poses some questions: Are blogs highly subjectable to wild traffic swings? I've never noticed them on the list before (not that I check religiously). More importantly, there are none on the "Moving Down" section of Movers and Shakers. Did many more blog readers just start reporting into Alexa (perhaps via the a9 toolbar)? Is it just a fluke? Or is something happening in blogland?

Based on no evidence whatsoever, I'm going to go with the latter.

Perhaps the next Pew study will reveal a sudden uptick in the do-you-read-blogs question (if people, in fact, know what's what they're doing).