The best of both worlds?

Upon reading some of the comments abouut the new Blogger WYSIWYG editor, I'm prompted to point out one of its unique (and coolest) features, which I didn't mention yesterday, but which Chris talked about: It takes HTML.

That is, if you type <b>bold</b> into your post, instead of using the keyboard shortcut or toolbar button, it will not be escaped, as would be the case with other editors. The word bold will be bold. (That means, to actually write out escaped code, as I did in that first sentence, you need to escape it yourself. But that's a much rarer occurence (at least for most people). And you'd have to do that with a non-wysiwyger anyway. Ooh, nice. I think I'm going to shorten "WYSIWYG editor" to "wysiwyger" from now on.)

Also, as I mentioned yesterday, it will remember whatever mode you were in last (WYSIWYG mode or HTML mode), so it defaults to whatever you prefer (and by "will," I mean "will soon." That was part of the design, but a bug is keeping that from exactly happening right now...:).

Additionally, the formatting is done with CSS, not <FONT> tags and such, as is the case with IE's edit mode.

These things are part of what I was referring to when I said, "we did some unique things that we think will make it more useful/less-annoying than the out-of-the-box solutions." And I think they go along way to reducing the concerns of those who pride themselves on typing HTML and are annoyed when they see WYSIWYG. (Not that there have been nearly as many of those as people who are joyous that they don't have to.)

Lastly -- yes, there have been several other problems! Chris is slaving away at the moment pushing fixes. (Thanks for your patience. This is a complicated one.)

That's my sales pitch of the day. Thank you and good night.

Also: Some questions addressed in the previous posts' comments.