Karaoke Revolution

So, we're walking through Playstation store at the Metreon, wasting time before Bourne Supremecy starts. And the guy at the demo station asks if I want to play a new "voice activated" game. I bite. After a couple screens of setup, I realize what he's suckered me into: karaoke. In the middle of a crowded store. Sober. So, I sing Friends in Low Places into a mic while the game grades me on pitch and timing. (Fortunately, it masks your voice, so I sounded better than I should have. Also, it was on the "easy" setting, so it was a little generous in scoring.) I got 5,000 points or so.

My friend, Hook, than put me to shame with a Platinum-record-level performance (>20,000 points) of Every Breath You Take. He even danced.

It was actually quite fun, and the game is really neat. Might have to get one of those. Ya know, for parties. Not for Saturday nights, home alone, practicing my Toxic. No, for parties.