I'm having some kind of bad voodoo thing going on with my electronics lately. In the past couple weeks:

My Palm/phone puked all of my data unexpectedly -- phone numbers, notes, appointments. (I handn't synched for three months.)

My Gamecube decided to stop working ("no disk"). (Sara was jonesing for MarioKart, so she got a new one already.)

My iPod took a dive -- corrupted disk or something? (I was able to restore it to factory settings, thankfully.)

My home stereo/DVD player/surround sound system locked up and will no longer play or eject DVDs (including the four that are in there -- one from NetFlix). (This happened once before. I had to pay $180 and wait six weeks for it to get fixed. This time, I think I'll try surgery myself.)

My car stereo shut off and won't turn back on. (I assume it's a fuse, haven't looked into it yet -- but it had been acting strange.)

What is up! Am I suddenly radiating some sort of un-electronic-friendly force field? Some people do that, you know. Oh, and yesterday, the electricity in my entire apartment went out. And last weekend, I lost a watch (okay, that one's a bit of a stretch -- but I really liked the watch).

I have a feeling I should immediately back up my hard drives and not touch my camera.