Read: Hackers and Painters

Just finished Paul Graham's collection of essays, published by O'Reilly, Hackers & Painters. It's excellent.

Many of the essays are on his site, but the book is worth getting for the convenience, and especially, those that aren't.

I want everybody I know to read How to Make Wealth and Mind the Gap (chapters 6 and 7)—which brilliantly articulate the most commonly, and frustratingly, misunderstood core economic principles of everyday life. (Though, taken together, some editing would have made them more succinct -- they were clearly written as stand-alone pieces.)

In general, the writing is extremely crisp and clear. Most people in the modern geek world will find insight in nearly every chapter—even those on designing programming languages if, like me, you'd never think of doing such a thing. And technology entrepreneurs will find it especially inspiring.