Apple Addiction

I don't know how they did it, but it seems like Apple has successfully ensnarled me into their cult. I'm not one of those recruiting members, mind you. The day I'm preaching computer platform loyalistness, please stop me. But I am the kind they like, who quietly pays the increasingly frequent (and stiff) dues to be a part of their tribe (or, rather, gets the spoils).

Since first starting to use a Mac, part time, a year and a half ago (on Google's dime—actually, it was Eric Case who first started me), I've been spending more and more money at And each purchase seems to lead to another.

Granted, part of it, lately, is that I started a new company that plays off the iPod phenom, so it's easy to justify some purchases. (We gave away a "Mac Mini Podcasting" bundle at TED, and, of course, we have to test Odeo with a Shuffle and every other variers. Plus, we're giving away another iPod Mini to those who sign up for the beta...) But it's the other purchases, for my home setup, that are more disconcerting.

When GarageBand first came out, I tried it on my Powerbook and loved it. But then I had to get a G5, because the Powerbook couldn't record very many tracks at once.

By the time I left Google, I was using the Powerbook fulltime, instead of splitting time with my Thinkpad. So, naturally, I had to buy my own. (They wouldn't have noticed had I kept it, but I didn't want to risk something getting out of there that shouldn't have—besides, and lets be honest here, the faster ones were out.)

More recently, after moving into my new apartment, there wasn't an easy way to run wires to my desk from my cable modem, so I ordered the Airport Exteme card for the G5. Which is fine. But then, I found the G5 had crappy reception, so I got an extension antenna. Which helped, but still wasn't great, so I bought an Airport Express to extend the range of my network.

And then, last night, trying to set it up—and this is the purchase that really bugs me—I found I couldn't extend the reach of my Netgear access point, so I bought an Apple one (even though, theoretically, some may work, mine didn't). Argh! That's one Apple product I don't even think is pretty. And isn't wi-fi a standard?! But they embraced and extended. Or, at least, made something ill-defined work.

And I'm on the treadmill. I need it.

Meanwhile, I of course bought the new iLife, mostly because iPhoto is slightly faster (even though Picasa 2.0 kicks its ass). And I took my perfectly good Dell flatscreen (the best buy in LCDs, by the way) to the office so I could have an excuse to buy the 30-inch cinema. Which I can't complain about because, let's face it, that thing is freakin' gorgeous. But then, I went to hook it up and realized I had to buy a new $500 graphics card to make it work! (You may be saying, if I read the requirements of these things, I wouldn't find this all so surprising.)

At this point, I find myself just visiting the Apple store out of habit, and throwing things like the iSight in my cart because it seems like I need a complete set. (And because its got that cool magnet that lets you stick it to the top of your cinema display.) But what will that lead to? Who knows? I'm not even sure what the iSight is for!

I know, I'm pathetic. But it's not my fault! Steve has got me in his clutches, and I have a feeling he won't let go until I'm dead. Or broke, which will probably come sooner.