I was talking to someone this weekend. The type of person who doesn't live on the web (freak). And whom, a few years ago, would have been saying, "What's a blog?" to me. But he wasn't saying that. He knew what blogging was. But what he said was, "What I don't get about blogging is how people make money." And it struck me as such a bizarre statement. Not that it's one we all haven't heard a hundred times. But why, as a regular person, would you be concerned about people's making money off blogging? And, even if you were concerned, why would that hinder your understanding.

My response, which I liked, was, "Well, there are a lot of things that exist that people don't make money doing." He seemed satisfied with that.

(The silly thing was, I found out later, he's making a career transition from being a teacher to being a type of consultant, for which he so obviously needs a blog in order to help, ahem...make money. But I wasn't in the mood to pitch. He'll have a blog in six months.)