How not to use the Internet for your fancy furniture store

There's this furniture store that I, unfortunately, purchased a small item from a while back. They have great stuff, but we were generally displeased with the service (besides repeatedly not calling back to make delivery arrangements, and a generally snotty attitude, one associate actually yelled at Sara when she called, after giving her false information).

Anyway, I just got an email from them with the subject line, "FW: Price Increase at Ligne Roset." Attached was a Word document informing me, "Due to the unfavorable exchange rate between the US Dollar and the Euro, the corporate office of Ligne Roset has informed us of a price increase." Now, what's funny, is the Word document was written in a monospace font (no graphics or any other significant design), meant to resemble, I assume, an email. A Word document. Attached.

While one matter is rather unrelated to the other, and I would have just thought "technically inept" instead of "stupid jerks," had I not had the bad experience, I felt the immature need to relay this to the world. Thank you.