Mmm, dogfood

Scoble is giving me crap for not eating my own dogfood, because I'm making podcast tools and don't have a podcast. Two responses:

1) The biggest part of Odeo, and what we've spent the most time on, and what we're releasing first, is the directory and subscription piece, of which I am a daily user.

2) You're right, I need a podcast. I've created several things, but they're not publicly available. I'm a very big believer in eating the dogfood. I'm just the CEO, but everyone in the company should do it.

Lastly, you don't have to know me to and get a personal invite to Odeo. We sent 11,000 out so far to people who signed up on the site. (We're not sending any more at the moment, cuz we're busing processing feedback and fixing things.)